Kaleo's Jurassic Adventure
A thrilling 2D sidescroller video game with painterly visuals. The goal is to win the game by arriving at the beach where Kaleo will join his friends in a party and play music, drink, and have fun. 
But to reach the beach, you must first get through all three levels without being killed by the dinosaurs or the totems, which proves to be a scary challenge. Along the way, Kaleo will also collect fruits as coins which will be used to make piña coladas and strawberry daiquiris at the beach party. 

all Artwork is original and it was painted in Photoshop 
Compositing & Animation was programmed in Unreal Engine
Summer 2018.

Moon Runner
In this 3D video game you go through this cyber-punk lunar world with Roxy. This rugged terrain proves to be a challenge beyond belief. 
Some models were created in Maya, but the majority were stock models from Unreal Engine.
Character model is third-party. 
Animation was composited and programmed by myself using Unreal Engine.
Winter 2018.
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