Selected as a Winner in the Miami International Film Festival Cinemaslam Competition for "Work in Progress" - March 2019
Animated Short Film created in collaboration by MIU students with the direction of our esteemed Professor Alvaro Sanint throughout 2018-2019.

All 3D work was done in Maya, Compositing in Nuke X, Fast-Action Sequence Animated Backgrounds in Adobe After Effects, Film Editing in Adobe Premiere & Sound Design in Pro Tools. 

* Motion Design: Motion Graphics, Design, Illustration, Art Direction,
* 3D Production: Modelling, Animation, Texturing, Lighting, Camera, Layout
* Post Production: Rendering, Compositing, Editing, Sound Design & Composition, Audio Mixing & Mastering.

Motion Design & Art Direction for animated backgrounds in Fight/Chase Sequence & End Credits Title Sequence Design & Animation.
3D Environment
Modelling & Texturing for scene assets. Lead Layout: staging/adding Environment/ Objects using pipeline workflow & ensuring character action had continuity throughout each scene. Took on Executive Producer role with the aim of carrying through the production to its finish. Set production schedules, revise dailies, communicate production needs and execute decisions to increase production value and efficiency. Character Animation: a few “Good” Granny scenes were my full creation, on the majority of scenes I finessed and polished animation & I took on the role of Supervising Animator on the film overall to enhance character performance as best as possible and ensure team efforts were maximized. Troubleshoot Technical issues, overcome problems arising in Maya scenes. Lighting & Cinematography to accomplish the desired result, while optimizing each scene for efficient Rendering. As Render Wrangler, I also had to test and triage each scene/ asset, finding the optimal balance to output best quality possible without surpassing our render time frame threshold in order to meet deadlines. Compositing multi-pass renders and AOVs & Post-Production Color Correcting/Grading as needed. Editing previz animatic and updating animatic with playblasts & Editing composited final film sequence.

This was an incredibly challenging endeavor, and an incomparable learning experience that I am very proud of accomplishing. This "thesis" of sorts marks the end of my college career; and as is true in most laborious accomplishments that come to an end--in hindsight--it was the journey that mattered most.
We are very proud of our humble student short film and hope you enjoy it !
Selected Still Frames from the Short Film
Moonlit Heist
Animated Short Film created by MIU students throughout 2017-2018. I collaborated by creating an original sound design for the film, recording folly, selecting sound effects & music, and mixing and mastering the audio. My original sound design was one of two selected as winners for our school's Post Production Sound competition. The final sound design includes all of my music/folly/sfx combined with additional sound effects and voice over from the other winner and a third collaborator. We mixed and mastered the final collaboration and it won first prize at the Annual MIU Film Festival in the summer of 2018. 
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