Featured Work
A Magical Waltz
A mannequin in a forgotten attic is magically infused with life. As the sun rises, shinning bright through the window, the beautiful ballerina gracefully fills the ambiance dancing to Tchaicovsky's "Waltz of the Flowers"
Modeling, Texturing, Animation, Simulation, Lighting --all done in Maya. Fall 2018.
Sound Design mixed and mastered in Pro Tools.
A child like many others, who does not want to eat her vegetables in spite of her mother's commands. Disgusted and upset, Leah drifts into a flavorful dream...she is transported into Candyland. 
This sugar-rich land of sweets is a child's paradise. But once waking from this dream, the reality of the flavorless plate of veggies still awaits. 
This was my first animated short, albeit very ambitious for a 3D student starting her second year. I powered through the hurdles, learning from my mistakes, while becoming irrevocably enchanted with storytelling.
Modelling for environment was done in Cinema 4D. 
Character & Roller-Coaster were created by a third-party (many thanks), I re-textured and animated. 
Layout Composited, Textured, Animated, and Lit in Maya during Fall 2017.
Sound Design mixed and mastered in Pro Tools.

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